Swami Vivekananda Says............... Life is ever expanding, contraction is death. The self-seeking man who is looking after his personal comforts and leading a lazy life - there is no room for him even in hell. CW VI 294
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Swami Japananda
Sri Ramakrishna Sevashrama
Swami Vivekananda nagar
Pavagada 561 202
Tel: +91-8136-244 548
Email: swajapa@yahoo.com

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Would you like to contribute your time and energies to help out the poor here? You can volunteer for many of our activities. You can sponsor the care of a child or those suffering from leprosy or TB or polio. Kindly get in touch with us so we can share our opportunity to serve the God in Man:

Road Route to Pavagada

The quickest way to reach our place from Bangalore is by road. Pavagada is about 195 kms from Bangalore.

Starting from Bangalore, take the Bellary Road (NH7 highway), pass Devanahalli, Chikballapura, Bagepalli and Penugonda. At Penugonda, take a left for Pavagada and travel for 32 kms. On reaching the Pavagada town, enquiries with the locals about the ashrama hospital will ease your way to our campus.

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