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Shree Sharadadevi Eye Hospital
Enabling a beautiful vision of life for the visually impaired!
Given the backwardness, the first steps towards self-reliant living for the visually impaired locals here was the urgent need for a modern eye care support system. Started in 2002, and thanks to the sponsors, the Sree Sharadadevi Blindness Control Project, successfully metamorphised into this full fledged eye care centre for the region - handling cataract, IOL and children's eye care services.
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  • 30 Beds hospital
  • Two Operations Theatre
  • Mobile Eye Care
  • Diabetic Eye care
  • Gloucoma Clinic
  • IOL Surgery
  • Weekly outreach
  • Key Co-Sponsors: Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Infosys Foundation

    Bringing quality eye care to these
    extreme sufferers! And make them like ones below!

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