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Started off as a seva initiative to handle leprosy, TB and polio, the efforts of several people has materialized into this inspiring centre for helping the afflicted locals get over their problems with TB, leprosy and polio.
  • 30 Beds Hospital
  • Operations Theatre
  • X-Ray Unit
  • Labs
  • Physio therapy
  • Ambulance
  • Annapoorna Nilaya
  • Key Co-Sponsor: Damien Foundation

    The Venkatapura PHC run by the SV IRHC

    TB is a silent killer, and is almost synonymous with poverty and malnourishment. SVIRHC has been running a program for TB management since 1992 with great success. Its innovative methods and humane approach have earned a great deal of goodwill and appreciation, and attracted the attention of many health agencies up to the global level. The number of TB patients at our hospital has been constantly on the rise. Now (since Dec. 2002) the Govt. of India has recognised our centre under its Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) and sanctioned one TB Unit Project, with five DMCs to monitor and support it. It means that our hospital is the base to cater to a population of five lakhs in the region.

    The State Government has recognised the success of SVIRHC in this endeavour by entrusting to it a new project at Bangalore Urban (BU) district covering nearly 35 lakh people.

    Leprosy in rural India means not just a disease of the body of one individual; it is an affliction casting its dark shadow on entire families and societies. Lepers are the worst outcastes, the cursed, and usually the poorest. That is why its eradication means so much in the task of uplift of the society.

    The prevalence rate in Pavagada Taluk which was 8.42 per 10,000 in 1992 (at the time of the launch of our leprosy eradication program) has come to below 1 by 2005 due to efforts done amongst others by us as well. However new cases continue to be detected in alarming numbers. It clearly implies that remote regions like ours continue to be the endemic zones for leprosy.

    Reconstructive surgery is a vital process in the rehabilitation of the leprosy affected. It makes them much more presentable and their life a lot easier. But there are only two centres in all of Karnataka State equipped for this, and it is indeed heartening for us that ours is one of them. And we are thankful to the Damien Foundation, again, for this. An expert in the field Dr. Jacob Mathew, DFIT consultant, is handling these specialized surgeries.

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