Swami Vivekananda Says............... Let people say whatever they like, stick to your own convictions, and rest assured, the world will be at your feet. They say, 'have faith in this fellow, or that fellow', but I say, 'Have faith in yourself - all power is in you - be conscious and bring it out. CW VI 274
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Our Website Design Philosophy

    Every website reflects the philosophy of the organization it seeks to communicate about as well as the characteristics of the target audience including their level of understanding and technology usage. The following salient features describes the approach that we have taken in designing the website as well as presenting the content to you in addition to the assumptions that we broadly make about you.

Webpages Design Approach - A Brief

Key Values: Simplicity, Usability and Relevance to Users.

General Guidelines

  • Simple, Direct, Professional and highly Usable web pages.
  • Kindly look up the globally acknowledged experts in this area at www.useit.com
  • More details can be obtained from the WebMaster of this website. Contact us
  • Technology Used

  • Technology used shall be simple. and basic so that the lay people maintaining these web pages can directly edit the webpage to do appropriate modifications without the need for ANY tools (except the editor).
    • Simple HTML commands used: words (b,i,u etc), sentences and paragraphs (p, br, etc), tables (table, tr, td and their attributes), images (img etc), links (a etc), section headings (h1, h2, h3 etc), bullets (li etc). Any simple HTML tutorial available on the internet is good - more so from educational websites (universities). Search using search engines (google, yahoo etc).
    • No web forms shall be used. Instead emailid is given for contact and interaction
    • Users tend to use old technology. Old PCs lack capabilities for features of flash or ajax or any such used in many contemporary websites. Our choices are clear - no flash or ajax.
    • Most users of these webpages use telephone line dialup based internet connectivity. Hence the pageloads should be fast, enabling fast display of pages and pictures. We ensure that our webpages and images have small file sizes.
  • Open Source software packages can be used extensively for a variety of tasks. Example: GIMP (similar to Photoshop) is used for image editing.
  • Content Development

  • The content development follows the website specific content structure and layout constraints. Our website here has its unique signature structure, style and layout across all its pages.
  • Pictures and Images: Always scan them at 72 DPI resolution. Cut out the irrelevant areas of the image (white spaces) and then scale it down to the average size (widths) of the images in the existing pages (200pix). Ensure that the images size is never more than 20 or 30 kb. while whole page scans are never more than 100kb
  • Audio and Songs: Use the popular mp3 format with sampling rate at 56kbps and typically of a few minutes length so that the file size is within a few MBs and therefore quicker to download more so over unreliable telephone dialup connections.
  • How does one go about modifying the webpages? - edit, preview, edit cycle - Parameters to keep in mind: Ensure layout symmetery, colors, content symmetry, balanced columns, font sizes (section headings etc)
  • Comparison with Other Similar Websites

  • Some websites use flash etc - over dialup line internet connectivity and old PCs they lead to poor usability and performance experiences
  • Most of the sophisticated websites have image and content display problems due to backward incompatibilities of the technologies involved.

  • Ideals and Values of the Organization

    Thyaga and Seva

    The information conveyed through the various webpages reflect the key values of Thyaga and Seva. More specifically, the spirit of the activities undertaken should be reflected in the way the messages are conveyed.

    This means that the sincerity and the integrity of the volunteers doing the work, the charity of the donors as well as the spiritual moorings of the leadership should be brought out - in simple and direct words without any icings.

    It also means that glitz and grandiosity as well as exaggerated writings including superficially sweet nothings are strict 'no-no' in the contents.

    In general, users tend to quickly see through the gap between what is said through the webpages and what could be the ground realities. It is better to retain the integrity and the credibility.

    Target Audience Characteristics

    Most visitors of the webpages of an NGO or a charity, have certain common altrustic values like simplicity, carefulness in their spending, as well as a general disinterest in marketing glitz and glamour.

    Most devotees of the Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Sarada Devi as well as admirers of Swami Vivekananda have similar tastes.

    Hence the values of integrity in what is said and what is done, simplicity as well as usability, relevance to their immediate needs or interests is very important in designing the content and style of the webpages.

    We value your Feedback

    Kindly send in your feedback and website usage experience details to us. Our WebMasters will respond to it immediately.

    The webmasters are open to a more detailed technical discussion about these ideas and approach to website design. Get in touch!
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